The Attorney

So we settled into our letter writing. My penpal writing to me through the badman and me writing back. In time, my questions were answered and I began to learn the day to day living on death row.

Occasionally, the badman would write a short note to me and enclose it in the envelope with my letter. He would tell me how much better my penpal was doing. He had a smile on his face, would go outside often, talk about me alot and even quit smoking! I encouraged him to attend church and he even signed up for a class to learn to read. I was very proud of him!

The badman told me about my penpal's case and how confident his attorneys were that his case would be overturned. I began praying for both of the inmates that were now a part of my life, and their families as well.

One day I received a letter from an attorney in a neighboring state, asking me to call him in regards to my penpal. I called him and we talked for a length of time. He was representing my penpal pro bono. The attorney assured me that my penpal would indeed walk off death row. The attorney told me a little about the case and promised to send me some documents I could read.

The attorney told me how glad he was that my penpal had someone to write to. I told him about the first few letters I received and how I was almost scammed. He guaranteed me that my penpal would not do such a thing but warned me to be careful of the others.

Even though we promised to keep in touch, I never spoke to the attorney again.

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